Living in the World of Warhammer

“Live World of War-Hammer”
After Many years of trying to get D&D to work in a non hack and slash roleplay system. I Gave up and when I stumbled on the New Warhammer system, with its very interesting dice pool. I ran with it. This campaign is pure Warhammer with all the political intrigue, cult groups , nobles fighting for power. etc.
Since my group of players have regular lives, this Campaign was designed to be a 1 one one all the way up to a party of 8. When the players exit the world it spins on. I will be posting what has gone on in the world when players leave, so if they wish when they re enter they can take up a interest that peaked their curiosity when they were gone from the world. The players will start in Ubersreick , modules will be used to flavor the game but will not be used in their full capacity. players will be encouraged to add goals and interests their characters have, while the real world player is absent from the world. Time will continue on a real time betwween session basis of the Warhammer world(unless they are locked in an encounter of course). I hope to host world interlude at least once a month. Our First session was done a month ago with mainly character roll up. This is a roleplaying campaign and though there will be combat, the atmosphere is not centered around a combat dungeon crawl atmosphere more a go out and see and live in the world approach.
Good Luck players
Kuzgan Thunderhammer

- Shouted by a herald of Ubersreick-

Living in the World of War-Hammer

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