Living in the World of War-Hammer

Our First Session
First Meeting of the players

At our First meeting most of the time was used making the new characters for the campaign
The Characters the players chose were.
A Hunter,Smuggler,Zealot,Mystic,Pistolier,and Agent.
I started them in the Town of Ubersreik.
The Pistolier was the noble of the group , and he wound up being the second son of Baron Von Bruner. Being the player wanted to play in the way of this family heiarchy in mideval era, he choses to listen to what his father wants him to do to improve the family name. His father commands him to find a cult that has been nknow to congregate around the docks. he being a noble stays in the shadows while the rest of the groups visit bars to see if they can catch any leads. While in a bar called “The Broken Oar” they happend to spot a young noble being harrassed by some bar patrons.
Some of the party stepped in to stop the possible fight and recognize the noble as Edwards younger brother Leopold, busy writing god awfull poetry to what is observed as a lady called Esmerelda. He seems to be lost in thought and did not even notice that he could have been in trouble. Leopold wanders off to the temple of Sigmar and runs into another young noble who is also courting Esmerelda , this is an older boy and he sports a pair of pistols and seems to know how to use them. Concerned for his brothers safety, he escorts his brother home where he is locked into his room.
Next Edward decides to visit Esmerelda;s home and tell her to Leave Leopold alone after meeting her father and hand maiden, Edward confronts Esmerelda, her self and her charms have no effect on him but leves him with a massive headache for some unknown reason. However he gets his point across and Esmerelda agrees to leave Leopold alone. Here the story ends until our next session.

Kuzgan Thunderhammer

- Shouted by a herald of Ubersreick-

Ubersreik News and Events
Ubersreik News and Events

Hear ye hear ye ,Hunter of Witches Matthias Krieger of the Temple of Sigmar will be in our town , investigating into a which that has said to have come from this town
and traveled recently to Altdorf and performed rituals of one of the Ruinous power, on a Lord knight of Altdorf. Said knight was ensorcelled to sally forth to meet the greenskin menace in combat but was struck down and grievously wounded, in the battle. losing most of his troops in the process.
Any information leading to the arrest of the hedge mage will be rewards depending on the degree of assistance.

Hear ye hear ye, due to a shortage of iron the military has first rights to this material when available, all disagreements should be taken up with the proper authorities.

Hear ye hear yea due to a shortage in gun powder, only men of military status or noble status my purchase gunpowder, further a tax will be imposed to pay for the extra road wardens needed to make sure future shipments arrive in this town. This tax is in effect till further notice.

Hear ye hear ye , commander of the watch is recruiting able body men and women for road warden duty rank and assignment, please see commander of the watch with inquires.

Hear ye hear ye due to the large increase of young noblemen dueling and the recent wounds and deaths occurring from this recent increase, no dueling is allowed without the approval of a board of nobles, also love is officially not a reason for dueling , and both duelist engage in dueling for love will be punished in a punishment fitting the crime.

Hear ye hear ye due to a large increase in dangerous pranks leading to ,grave and life changing injuries. Harsh pranks will be punished in a punishment fitting the crime.

Hear ye hear ye, A Dock workers strike has hit the city please avoid the wharf areas at night, town watch has decreed no more than 5 striking workers in one area will be constituted as a roit , and arrest will be made with punishment fitting the crime.

Hear ye hear ye a new culinary establishment “Gutas Essen und trinken” has opened , this gold class only restaurant, silver and bronze class need not avail themselves of this establishment.

Hear ye hear ye , a bumper crop of grapes will lead to a large production of wine for next year, investors welcome, see the wine guilds man for details.

Hear ye hear ye , Lost child , Merchant Otto Lupindorf ’s daughter has gone missing , last seen near the marketplace fountain, reward on the safe return of Emma Lupindorf

Hear ye hear ye The town alert horn is to be tested today , the sounding of the horn is not an attack, how ever please clear the streets in response, wait for the all clear sound which will be another horn blast to return to the streets.

That is all

- Shouted by a herald of Ubersreick-


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